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Defense of Fraud, Racketeering, Conspiracy, and Theft Allegations

Business Partners and Associated Companies
Representation of two defendants and three companies in a federal court action brought by a former business partner. The lawsuit contained allegations against our clients of fraud, racketeering, conspiracy, and theft, among other wrongdoings, and demanded treble damages, injunctive relief prohibiting the refinancing of two properties, compensation for emotional and psychological injury, and attorneys' fees. In connection with the lawsuit, the plaintiff filed notices of lis pendens against the two properties. Successfully discharged the lis pendens on an emergency basis, and also successfully got the case voluntarily dismissed against all clients.
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David W. Trench

David W. Trench

Partner, General Counsel
Representation of real estate investors in limited partnership derivative suits. Investors sought millions of dollars in damages, based on the diminution of the value of their investment and lost opportunities.
Representation of 900 Collins Avenue in its efforts to build a multimillion-dollar development on a property with a protected historic building. We successfully obtained a writ of mandamus requiring the City of Miami Beach to issue a permit allowing the demolition of the historic structure, which th...