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General Counsel's Guide to: Common Ethical Pitfalls

Focus on the Essentials - A CLE Series

February 23, 2021
Timothy P. DeKeyser, commercial real estate attorney, participated in a discussion on the common ethical pitfalls in-house counsel face, particularly as it relates to transactional work. Common questions answered include: 

1. What is required for a lawyer to provide competent legal advice and when is it acceptable for a lawyer to advise on an unfamiliar area of law? 

2. What accountability does a lawyer have with respect to subordinate attorneys?  When can a lawyer rely on the directions of supervising attorneys, outside counsel, and other sources of information?

3. What are the rules with regard to meeting or communicating with a represented party when such party’s attorney is not present?   

4. What rules and best practices apply with respect to a limited scope of legal representation for a particular matter?


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