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Current Private Equity Market Should Lead To More Deal-Making

Alan D. Axelrod
Tax and Wealth Services Report Blog March 23, 2021
Depending on the type of investment, income from private equity funds to foreign investors will be treated differently for tax purposes. In some cases, hefty withholding requirements can come into play, shaving off a significant chunk from return-on-investment.It is therefore important to understand...
Podcast April 17, 2020
International tax and estate planning attorney, Misbah Farid, explore the intricacies of Section 401(a)(9) of the Internal Revenue Code.
Podcast February 3, 2020
In this podcast, international tax and estate planning attorneys Megan Ferris and Paul J. D'Alessandro, Jr. provide an overview of how individuals and corporations are taxed under the GILTI regime and discuss why section 962 has come back into the spotlight in a post-2017 Tax Act world.