Bilzin Sumberg Holds Second Annual Bilzin Sumberg Cares Service Day

Speaking Engagement
October 18, 2008
Seymour Gelber Adult Day Care Center
October 18, 2008 This year, Bilzin Sumberg volunteers will spend the morning landscaping the grounds of the JCS Seymour Gelber Adult Day Care Center, an organization that provides an interactive environment for physically- and mentally-impaired senior citizens, with activities including adult education, mental and physical well-being classes and general supervision and support. Additionally, volunteers will be painting the outside of the building, creating murals, assembling shelves and storage units and engaging in arts and crafts activities with Center clients.


For more information please visit theBilzin Sumberg Cares page to see our community involvement.

Press Release March 5, 2024
On March 3, in connection with its Bilzin Sumberg Cares community involvement program, Bilzin Sumberg partnered with United Way Miami to support the Belafonte TACOLCY Center in the enhancement and beautification of its affiliated facility in the Liberty City neighborhood of Miami.
Press Release November 9, 2023
On October 27, 2023, Miami Leadership Local held its Ensuring Economic Mobility Summit at the offices of hosting firm Bilzin Sumberg. Miami Leadership Local is an initiative led by the Miami Herald in partnership with the Miami Foundation and the Miami-Dade Beacon Council.
Press Release November 2, 2023
The Association of Fundraising Professionals has awarded Bilzin Sumberg with the Julia Tuttle Award for Community Involvement and Corporate Citizenship. The firm was nominated based on its unparalleled dedication to improving the lives of local communities through its extensive engagement programs.