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A Mandate for Greater Affordable and Workforce Housing Development

Florida's Live Local Act

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On March 28, 2023, Florida Senate Bill 102 (“Live Local Act”) was signed into law. The multifaceted legislation represents a major initiative aiming to provide significantly more affordable housing units across Florida. The law is packed with zoning, tax, and incentive provisions that will have significant impacts on the state’s real estate market and industry. As investors and developers seek to capitalize on affordable housing opportunities created by the Live Local Act, they will need skilled and experienced counsel to navigate its industry-wide consequences. With decades of industry-leading experience representing real estate investors and developers in connection with affordable housing projects across Florida- and a solid understanding of the best practices for planning and executing such projects in the state’s major markets- Bilzin Sumberg’s attorneys are ideally placed to shed light on the various business and legal consequences of the Live Local Act, share insights on the market trends that the Act will shape, and identify key challenges and opportunities as the law unfolds.

Meet the Team