Current Structuring Issues Affecting Condo Successor Developers

University of Miami School
Speaking Engagement
October 24-26, 2012
Martin A. Schwartz, speaks at the "Current Structuring Issues Affecting Condo Successor Developers: Bulk Buyer vs Bulk Assignee; Partial vs Whole Terminations, Dealing with the Fractured Association," event hosted by the 37th Institute on Condominium & Cluster Developments presented by University of Miami School of Law. 
Blog June 24, 2024
CS/CS/CS/HB 1021 covers many topics, including the statutory recognition of condominiums in vertical subdivisions and condominium building safety measures. However, the legislation is also a reaction to a slew of additional issues affecting condominium associations, such as mismanagement and mistrus...
Blog June 20, 2024
Florida's latest community association bill (HB 1021) contains additional changes to the new condominium inspection and reserve requirements first introduced in 2022 — approximately one year after the collapse of Champlain Towers South. Some of the changes include a new exemption for milestone...
Blog June 17, 2024
Florida HB 1021 introduces amendments to the state’s Condominium Act, notably creating a new section that legally recognizes "vertical subdivisions" within buildings and addresses the allocation of real estate taxes, maintenance responsibilities, and disclosure requirements for condominiums wi...