The Future of Media in the Americas

Media Law Resource Center
Speaking Engagement
March 12, 2018
Jose Sariego speaks at the Media Law Resource Center's program, "Legal Issues Concerning Hispanic and Latin American Media." The panel discusses the migration of content from print to digital, the benefits and risks of working with online platforms, and special concerns for cross-border content, among other topics.
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Jose Sariego
Webinar February 29, 2024
Jose Sariego speaks at The Florida Bar EASL's seminar titledThe Supreme Court’s Decision and the Current State of Fair Use. The seminar explores the US Supreme Courts decision on Warhol vs Goldsmith and its precedents, its impact on the “Fair Use” exception in copyright infringemen...
Publication April 8, 2022
In March 2021, the Second Circuit ruled against the Andy Warhol Foundation for Visual Arts in a copyright infringement suit brought by a photographer whose photos of Prince Andy Warhol were used for artwork bearing Warhol’s distinctive style and flair. The surprising ruling reopened the legal ...
Privacy Portal Blog August 3, 2020
The United States Supreme Court may soon consider whether businesses can harvest data from publicly available information so that they can resell it.