Critical Competencies for Law Firm Leaders

Law Firm Business Trends Institute
Speaking Engagement
October 6, 2019
As part of the workshop, Albert E. Dotson Jr. leads a discussion on Critical Competencies for Law Firm Leaders to review critical competencies, best and worst practices, and how to develop those competencies into actions.
Albert E. Dotson, Jr.
Chief Executive Officer & Managing Partner
Speaking Engagement March 22, 2024
Paul D'Alessandro, Jr. speaks at the STEP Bahamas Conference on theTax Planning for the International Client panel.
Webinar February 29, 2024
David M. Seifer speaks at the Cuban American Bar Association's seminar titled The Corporate Transparency Act: What You Need to Know.
Webinar February 29, 2024
Jose Sariego speaks at The Florida Bar EASL's seminar titledThe Supreme Court’s Decision and the Current State of Fair Use. The seminar explores the US Supreme Courts decision on Warhol vs Goldsmith and its precedents, its impact on the “Fair Use” exception in copyright infringemen...