Roughing It: Recalibrating Law Firm Business Development & Marketing Spend

28th Annual Marketing Partner Forum
Speaking Engagement
August 18, 2021

It’s difficult to imagine where legal marketing efforts would be today without the aid of technology over the past twelve months. Thanks to remote working arrangements and social distancing, marketing and business development strategy—not to mention in-person client engagement—has taken on a decidedly different hue. How have law firm marketing leaders adapted to the new business climate? What impact have recent events had on departmental budgets and spend? How effective have websites and virtual client interaction been for business development and networking? Laura Galeano participated in this roundtable discussion titled Roughing It: Recalibrating Law Firm Business Development & Marketing Spend, where participants assessed the short- and long-term ramifications of today’s unprecedented role of technology in legal marketing.

Laura Galeano
Chief Business Development & Marketing Officer
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