Spearheading Strategy & Winning New Business with Marketing Tools

Legal Marketing Association
Speaking Engagement
April 25, 2023
Laura Galeano participates in a panel titled Spearheading Strategy & Winning New Business with Marketing Tools: A Look at Managing Client Relationships through CRMs, ERMs, Analytics, and Data Visualization (LexisNexis) at Legal Marketing Association's annual conference. The marketing professionals on this panel examine the CRM/ERM maturity model and best practices for amplifying brand voice and increasing client satisfaction. 
Laura Galeano
Chief Business Development & Marketing Officer
Speaking Engagement April 26, 2024
Thomas F. Mullin moderates the Future of Florida panel at theFlorida Association of Environmental Professionals (FAEP) Annual Conference.
Speaking Engagement April 23, 2024
Jennifer J. Wioncek speaks on the Corporate Transparency Act panel at the Estate Planning Council of Greater Miami's 2024 Workshop and Dinner.
Publication April 19, 2024
The U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Andy Warhol Foundation for Visual Arts Inc. v. Goldsmith has significantly influenced fair use in copyright law. Case studies, such as Whyte Monkee Productions LLC v. Netflix Inc., reveal notable shifts in the interpretation of transformative use and their implic...