Corporate Transparency Act

Estate Planning Council of Greater Miami
Speaking Engagement
April 23, 2024
Jennifer J. Wioncek speaks on the Corporate Transparency Act panel at the Estate Planning Council of Greater Miami's 2024 Workshop and Dinner. 
Jennifer J. Wioncek
Practice Group Leader, Tax & Private Wealth
Blog March 29, 2024
On Friday, March 1, 2024, a federal judge in Alabama ruled that the Corporate Transparency Act is unconstitutional. Here is a brief summary of the ruling.
Webinar March 27, 2024
Jennifer J. Wioncek serves as a panelist on the webinar panel FinCEN Transparency Initiatives Have Become UBIQUITOUS, hosted by STEP Miami, STEP Mid-Atlantic, and STEP New York. The webinar covers the latest FinCEN transparency initiatives.
Client Alert March 6, 2024
With only a few months in, 2024 has already witnessed several important developments regarding federal transparency-related laws and regulations, covering the real estate, financial, and business sectors. These developments are relevant to wide swaths of the business community and private clients, a...