Bilzin Sumberg Announces Property Tax Abatement Subsidiary, FBS Property Tax Abatement, LLC

Press Release
March 24, 2009

Miami, FL.  The law firm of Bilzin Sumberg Baena Price & Axelrod LLP announced today that it has partnered with well-known Florida real estate entrepreneur, Mitchell A. Feldman, to form a subsidiary, FBS Property Tax Abatement, LLC ("FBS Property Tax Abatement"). FBS Property Tax Abatement was created to assist Bilzin Sumberg clients and other commercial and residential real estate owners who may be affected by increases in property taxes or decreases in property values and over assessments.

"There is a strong need for professional tax abatement services, because each year - and particularly this year - millions of properties throughout the country will be assessed at unfair or inequitable values by local appraisers resulting in excessive property taxation. Many property owners pay annual taxes based on assessments that far exceed the fair market value of their property and we are committed to reducing those assessments," explained Mitchell A. Feldman, president of FBS Property Tax Abatement.

Mitch Feldman has more than 17 years of experience in real estate, valuation, foreclosure and finance. Mr. Feldman began his career in the legal field, practicing real estate, property taxation and general corporate law. During this time, Mr. Feldman also founded Florida Title Escrow & Abstract, Inc., providing title insurance for residential and commercial transactions in Florida, and Tri County Realty, Inc., a real estate brokerage and professional tax adjustment company. With Tri County Realty, Inc., he represented over $3 billion of property at over 7,000 property tax appeals before the Value Adjustment Board. In addition, Mr. Feldman served as Director of Aztec Group, Inc., a full service real estate investment banking firm, in which he specialized in facilitating the acquisitions, disposition, financing and capital needs of real estate projects for institutional investors, entrepreneurs and commercial developers.

James W. Shindell, chair of Bilzin Sumberg's Real Estate Group stated, "We made the decision to partner with Mitch Feldman because of his extensive experience not only with property tax appeals, but also in the local real estate market. His experience, coupled with our background in real estate and our commitment to client service, provided an excellent opportunity to further assist our clients whose property may be unfairly assessed this year."

About FBS Property Tax Abatement

FBS Property Tax Abatement takes pride in providing the highest level of client service by offering direct access to its senior tax abatement professionals experienced in appealing property values and reducing property taxes. FBS Property Tax Abatement, LLC does not provide legal services, nor does is purport to create an attorney-client relationship. For more information, please visit

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