$265 Million Sale of a China-Based company

China Fire & Security Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: CFSG) (in system as Special Committee of the Board of Directors of China Fire & Security, Inc.)

Served as Florida Legal Advisor to the Special Committee of the Board of Directors of China Fire & Security Group, Inc., (Nasdaq: CFSG), a Florida NASDAQ Stock Market company and a leading total solution provider of industrial fire protection systems in China. The representation was in connection with China Fire & Security entering into a definitive merger agreement with Amber Parent Limited ("Parent"), an affiliate of funds managed by Bain Capital Partners, LLC, and Amber Mergerco, Inc. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Parent), for total consideration of approximately $265.5 million. We advised on various matters involving Florida law, which governed the sale process and the merger transaction, as well as other general transactional and securities matters, and reviewed and helped negotiate the merger agreement. We also reviewed the preliminary proxy statement and Schedule 13E-3 filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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