Current Structuring Issues Affecting Condo Successor Developers

University of Miami School
Speaking Engagement
October 24-26, 2012
Martin A. Schwartz, speaks at the "Current Structuring Issues Affecting Condo Successor Developers: Bulk Buyer vs Bulk Assignee; Partial vs Whole Terminations, Dealing with the Fractured Association," event hosted by the 37th Institute on Condominium & Cluster Developments presented by University of Miami School of Law. 
Blog November 16, 2022
Until recently, Florida law did not require condominiums to conduct reserve studies, and it allowed unit owners to waive or reduce budgeted reserve contributions through a membership vote. Recent changes to the Florida Condominium Act, however, have reversed course on these issues in light of buildi...
Publication October 19, 2022
On May 26, Florida Senate Bill 4-D: Building Safety became law. S.B. 4-D makes a laudable attempt at addressing the physical issues facing Florida’s aging condominium stock. Its primary effect is to create two mandatory pillars of protection: periodic milestone inspections and structural integ...
Speaking Engagement October 7, 2022
Martin A. Schwartz presents on the panel, Mixed Use/Vertical Subdivision Issues, Drafting & Operational Challenges and Solutions, at theRalph E. Boyer Institute on Condominium and Cluster Development, hosted by the University of Miami School of Law.