Intensive LPM Coaching Provided to a Majority of the Firm’s Partners

Ark Group
Speaking Engagement
November 13, 2013
New York

Bilzin Sumberg’s LPM efforts began with a three-month coaching program for three influential partners. They then reviewed the results and benefits in a panel discussion at the firm’s annual partner retreat in March 2012, including some new business that had resulted from one client’s increased satisfaction. All partners in the firm were then given an opportunity to sign up for the same three-month coaching program. Eight more signed up right after the retreat, and others continued to sign up when they saw additional benefits. To date, more than half of the firm’s partners (26 out of 51) have voluntarily participated in this program. The firm is now focusing on sustainability tactics to maximize long-term benefits to clients and to the firm.

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Scott N. Wagner
Press Release March 23, 2023
Bilzin Sumberg is proud to announce that its industry-leading real estate practice, along with Real Estate Chair Suzanne M. Amaducci-Adams and Litigation Partner Raquel M. Fernandez, have each been recognized as honorees in Daily Business Review’s 2023 Florida Legal Awards.
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