U.S. Individual Tax Planning from a Latin American Perspective

U.S. - Latin America Tax Planning Strategies
Speaking Engagement
June 14, 2017
Hal J. Webb is co-chair of a Wealth and Asset Planning Workshop discussion at the 10th Annual U.S. - Latin America Tax Planning Strategies Conference. The discussion explores topics including U.S. tax issues, residency rules, and tax planning strategies from a Latin American perspective.
Hal J. Webb
Publication September 30, 2022
This article provides an overview of the Corporate Transparency Act (the Act), its impact on common international private client structures and what private clients from Latin America should be advised to do in preparation for the implementation of the Act.
Speaking Engagement August 5, 2022
Shawn P. Wolf presented on international tax issues targeted towards tax professionals at the Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants' Summer Vacation Cluster.
Video July 8, 2022
As South Florida’s real estate market experiences robust growth across a wide range of asset classes, Bilzin Sumberg’s Anthony De Yurre, a Partner in the Land Development & Government Relations Group, sits down with Melissa Rose, Managing Director at JLL Capital Markets, Americas, to...