LMASE Your Honor Awards Podcast: Insights from Bilzin Sumberg's Website Overhaul

Legal Marketing Association
Speaking Engagement
June 02, 2018
Laura Galeano shares insight on Bilzin Sumberg's recent website overhaul project, which won first place in the Website category of the 2017 LMASE Your Honor Awards.

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Laura Galeano
Chief Marketing Officer
Blog May 25, 2022
Developments over the last few months, both in the courts and among policymakers, have demonstrated some of the key legal and regulatory issues facing issuers, exchanges, and investors operating in the cryptocurrency space. Recent statements by regulators, coming on the heels of new class action law...
International Tax & Wealth Planning Conference April 27, 2022
Paul J. D'Alessandro, Jr. and David M. Seifer participated in a panel discussion titled Cryptocurrency: The Basics, Tax Implications, and Initial Planning Observations at Bilzin Sumberg’s International Tax and Wealth Planning Conference.
Blog April 13, 2022
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, a non-profit focused on fostering healthy communities, defines digital redlining as “major network providers systematically excluding low-income neighborhoods from broadband service – deploying only sub-standard, low-speed home internet.”Last mon...