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Domestication of Foreign Trusts – Dos and Don’ts and the Ethical Considerations

Florida Bar International Tax Conference

Speaking Engagement
January 11, 2018
Jennifer J. Wioncek speaks about the domestication of foreign trusts at The Florida Bar's 36th Annual International Tax Conference. The conversation explores tax and non-tax issues in connection with causing a foreign trust to become a domestic trust.
Jennifer J. Wioncek

Jennifer J. Wioncek

Partner, Tax & Private Wealth Practice Group Leader
Publication February 8, 2021
The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the migration of businesses and individuals from high-tax to tax-friendly states. Anthony De Yurre outlines five things to keep in mind when deciding whether and where to relocate your business.
Tax and Wealth Services Report Blog March 23, 2021
Depending on the type of investment, income from private equity funds to foreign investors will be treated differently for tax purposes. In some cases, hefty withholding requirements can come into play, shaving off a significant chunk from return-on-investment.It is therefore important to understand...