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The Impact of U.S. Tax Reform on International Private Clients

STEP Cayman Islands

Speaking Engagement
April 19, 2018

Hal J. Webb leads a discussion regarding an overview of U.S. tax law changes applicable to international private clients at STEP Cayman Islands. The seminar touches on case studies and planning ideas concerning holding companies and other assets owned by foreign trusts with U.S. beneficiaries, taking into account recent changes in U.S. tax law.

Hal J. Webb

Hal J. Webb

International Tax & Wealth Planning Conference October 22, 2020
Paul J. D'Alessandro, Jr. and Hal Webb cover some of the most common mistakes made by international private clients and traps that practitioners should be on the lookout for.
Tax and Wealth Services Report Blog October 28, 2020
As we approach the final two months of 2020, it is a good time to review a topic that has, perhaps not coincidentally, been coming up more and more frequently during this unusual year: the U.S. tax implications of renouncing U.S. citizenship or residency – a process formally known as expatriat...