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Innovation for Smaller Firms

Speaking Engagement
April 17, 2018
Paul VanderMeer participates on a webinar panel about Innovation in Smaller Firms. We hear about global law firms investing venture capital money in Silicon Valley, or partnering with AI vendors to develop custom software. But what if you work in a smaller organization and don't want innovation to pass you by? In this webinar, panelists from small and midsize firms will talk about how they've built a culture of innovation that doesn't require dedicated software developers or hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Paul D. Van Der Meer

Paul D. Van Der Meer

Chief Knowledge Officer
Blog October 26, 2021
It is no secret that big data – for all of its benefits to collaboration, organization, speed and more – brings great risk. As contractors move from pen and paper to digital documentation, inputting everything from invoices and P&L, to jobsite photos and 3D scans, to project estimate...