Tax Law: It's Time to Add Value

The Miami Law Business Law Society & Tax Law Society
Speaking Engagement
February 26, 2019

Misbah Farid participated in a panel on "Tax Law: It’s Time to Add Value!" at the University of Miami Law Business Law Society & Tax Law Society. The panel, comprised of tax lawyers with practices spanning from corporate tax, tax litigation, international tax, and tax and estate, discussed the substance of their jobs, what they do, and how students might best prepare for a career in tax law. The goal was to promote and encourage the study of tax law and to develop a strong relationship with the business and legal community. 

Misbah Farid
Speaking Engagement November 29, 2022
Karyl Argamasilla moderates the panel -Women in the Military- as a part of Women United's Let's Do Lunch event, in which a panel of experts discuss women in the military, where they stand today, the adversities they face and how they have maneuvered and succeeded throughout their military careers.
Speaking Engagement November 17, 2022
Joshua A. Kaplan and David S. Resnick lead a discussion regarding deal considerations and fundamental issues found in every real estate joint venture.
Blog November 16, 2022
Until recently, Florida law did not require condominiums to conduct reserve studies, and it allowed unit owners to waive or reduce budgeted reserve contributions through a membership vote. Recent changes to the Florida Condominium Act, however, have reversed course on these issues in light of buildi...