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U.S. Federal Tax and Succession Planning for Non-U.S. Persons Investing in U.S. Private Equity Investments

Bilzin Sumberg's International Tax & Wealth Planning Conference

International Tax & Wealth Planning Conference
November 7, 2019

Using real-life, pragmatic examples and their vast experience in trust and estate planning, Hal J. Webb, Jennifer Wioncek, and Paul D'Alessandro, Jr. provided a comprehensive look at U.S. federal tax and succession planning for non-U.S. persons investing in U.S. private equity investments.

The panel reviewed foreign investor objectives, terms commonly used in private equity settings, tax considerations during foreign investor's lifetime, and planning for the presence of U.S. beneficiaries.

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Hal J. Webb

Hal J. Webb

Jennifer J. Wioncek

Jennifer J. Wioncek

Practice Group Leader, Tax & Private Wealth
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Depending on the type of investment, income from private equity funds to foreign investors will be treated differently for tax purposes. In some cases, hefty withholding requirements can come into play, shaving off a significant chunk from return-on-investment.It is therefore important to understand...