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The Justice System After COVID-19

Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce

June 18, 2020
Albert E. Dotson, Jr. participated in a panel of attorneys and judges discussing "The Justice System After COVID-19" for the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce Thursday Roundtable Series. Panelists shared their thoughts on how the judicial system is currently functioning at different levels, what is happening to jury trials with the advent of virtual conferencing, how federal criminal charges are being brought given that no grand jury can be empaneled, the impact on prisons and inmate safety and whether that will impact charging and sentencing, whether legal and court fees are likely to change, and how the courts will catch up and be able to bring decisions and justice in a timely fashion.
Albert E. Dotson, Jr.

Albert E. Dotson, Jr.

Managing Partner
New Miami Blog September 02, 2021
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