Discussion of U.S. Administration's Proposed Tax Changes for Private and Corporate Clients

Bilzin Sumberg's International Tax and Wealth Planning Webinar
Speaking Engagement
May 26, 2021

During the most recent installment of the International Tax Breakfast Series, Shawn P. Wolf held a Discussion of U.S. Administration's Proposed Tax Changes for Private and Corporate Clients.

This webinar covered recent US tax proposals that impact both private clients and businesses domestically and outside of the United States. The first half covered proposed capital gains tax on death and loss of basis step up, and the interplay with other proposals that will reduce the US estate tax exemption. The second half covered the international tax framework proposed by President Biden (including: changes to the corporate tax rate, GILTI and other international tax measures) and some related consideration and prognostication as to what these changes might mean for international tax planning.

International Tax Breakfast Series

Topics like these are covered throughout the year in Bilzin Sumberg's International Tax Breakfast Series, featuring deep insights and discussions on specific themes in international tax and wealth planning.

Attendees include financial advisors, accountants, family offices, foreign attorneys, tax directors, and trust advisors who are working with multinational companies, closely-held businesses, and high net worth individuals engaged in cross-border business or investments.


For access to the video, please email communications@bilzin.com.

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