Pros and Cons of NRAs Using Florida Based Trusts

Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants: International Tax Conference
Speaking Engagement
January 14, 2022
Hal Webb and Jennifer Wioncek participated in a panel discussion titled Pros and Cons of NRAs Using Florida Based Trusts as part of the International Tax Conference hosted by the Florida Institute of CPAs. Panelists discussed tax planning benefits newly available after recent Florida trust law changes, traps for the unwary using Florida revocable trusts, and other planning considerations. 
Hal J. Webb
Jennifer J. Wioncek
Practice Group Leader, Tax & Private Wealth
Webinar November 9, 2023
Philip Stein and Matthew Tieman discuss the latest legal issues regarding corporate director and officer liability as part of the Bilzin Sumberg General Counsel Series. They highlight case updates from the courtroom while also covering best corporate practices for minimizing liability.
Speaking Engagement October 20, 2023
Joseph M. Hernandez speaks at Florida CCIM-Miami Chapter on current debt restructuring trends, commercial real estate debt levels, and maturities by industry segment and default risk over the next 3-5 years.
Speaking Engagement October 10, 2023
Sara Herald takes part in various panel discussions at Women@Langan's Women's Leadership Summit. Panelists discuss a range of topics including, the impact of generations of role models, the importance of sponsorship, and the power of "no"/"yes" in difficult conversations.