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The speed at which we currently exchange information can make the business world seem small. Moreover, the advent of Artificial Intelligence has transformed the ways in which professionals and companies operate. Our increased reliance on enhanced connectivity, faster data sharing, and AI have multiplied the potential risks, vulnerabilities, and liabilities for companies and individuals in every business sector. 

Authored by attorneys from our Data Security & Privacy Team, the Tech Talk Blog provides a look into this ever-changing field of law and offers insights into all things related to data privacy, data and content ownership, AI and cybersecurity. Topics include information technology and data security, AI, relevant legislation or regulations in multiple jurisdictions, cybersecurity insurance, the use of biometric data, proprietary name/image/likeness issues, GPS and tracking software, safeguarding of trade secrets, the use of social media, license agreements, privacy policies, and terms of use/service in various industries.


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