Victory in Reformation Action Relating to $22 Million Sale of Loan Pool

Real Estate Lender

Representation of real estate lender, the seller, in a dispute relating to the sale of a pool of 298 loans for $22 million to a bank. A miscalculation by the seller at the closing caused the creation of a closing statement containing the wrong purchase price. At trial, the Judge determined there was clear and convincing evidence of a mistake and ordered reformation in client's favor, and awarded client fees. The Appellate Court affirmed the trial court’s decision, granted client appellate attorney’s fees, and denied the Banks’s Motion for Rehearing.

Representation of B piece and special servicer clients, handling in excess of $130billion in 2.0 CMBSsecuritizations.
Representation of an energy company in its $9.45 billion all-cash acquisition of another energy company, resulting in the creation of the largest utility holding company in the United States.
Handled the sale of over 2,000 REOs, with aggregate purchase prices in the billions of dollars, through both the negotiation and closing of individual sales and the structuring and sale by auction of multiple properties. The largest was approximately $216 million, which was the sale of a major hotel...