Bulk Buyers and Phantom Units - When the Solution Discovers Invisible Problems

University of Miami
Speaking Engagement
October 26 - 28, 2011
Martin A. Schwartz speaks at the "Bulk Buyers and Phantom Units - When the Solution Discovers Invisible Problems: Recent Statutory Amendments and Phantom Unit Issues," event hosted by the 36th Institute on Condominium & Cluster Developments presented by the University of Miami School of Law.
Blog June 17, 2024
Florida HB 1021 introduces amendments to the state’s Condominium Act, notably creating a new section that legally recognizes "vertical subdivisions" within buildings and addresses the allocation of real estate taxes, maintenance responsibilities, and disclosure requirements for condominiums wi...
Publication May 16, 2024
Condo prices in Florida have been steadily falling, fueled by an increasing rate of motivated sellers. Certainly, high interest rates are a part of this trend, but a closer look suggests that changes to the Florida Condominium Act - the state’s laws governing condominium associations - may be ...
Development Conference May 7, 2024
Joseph M. Hernandez and Felix X. Rodriguez explore thecomplex process of redeveloping an existing condo property in South Florida at Bilzin Sumberg's 5th Annual Development Conference.