UDAAP and the CFPB: Key Issues, Defenses & Compliance Measures

American Conference Institute
Speaking Engagement
January 15, 2015
Philip R. Stein speaks on key issues, defenses & compliance measures related to UDAAP and the CFPB at the American Conference Institute's 16th National Forum on Residential Mortgage Litigation & Regulatory Enforcement in Los Angeles, California.
Philip R. Stein
Practice Group Leader, Trial & Litigation
Blog June 17, 2024
Florida HB 1021 introduces amendments to the state’s Condominium Act, notably creating a new section that legally recognizes "vertical subdivisions" within buildings and addresses the allocation of real estate taxes, maintenance responsibilities, and disclosure requirements for condominiums wi...
Speaking Engagement November 14, 2023
Sara Barli Herald speaks at Bisnow's Multifamily, Mixed-Use, Condos, & Affordable Housing Summit on theBeyond Brick and Mortar: Multifamily and Condo Amenities panel. The panel discusses the role and impact of amenities in the multifamily real estate landscape.
Speaking Engagement November 14, 2023
Sara Barli Herald moderates the panelCapital Waves: Navigating Multifamily Investment in Florida at Bisnow'sMultifamily, Mixed-Use, Condos, & Affordable Housing Summit. The panel discusses how to understand and effectively navigate the complexities of multifamily investment in the Florida market...