Data Privacy, Data Security, and Cyber-Insurance: Preventing Overexposure

Bilzin Sumberg and Willis Towers Watson
Speaking Engagement
May 30, 2018

Philip R. Stein speaks about the ever-increasing concerns of data privacy, data security, and cyber-insurance for companies and individuals at a panel discussion hosted by Bilzin Sumberg and Willis Towers Watson. Discussion topics include:

  • Privacy Law: CISA, GDPR and the Defend Trade Secrets Act
  • Data Security: Oversight and Legal Compliance Issues
  • Best Practices for Minimizing Exposure and Liability
  • Cyber Risk Management and Insurance
Philip R. Stein
Practice Group Leader, Trial & Litigation
Webinar June 9, 2016
Bilzin Sumberg and Kaufman Rossin host a webinar providing insights regarding how data security is funded and managed by private companies in Florida.
Press Release March 26, 2019
Jackie F. Gallego, Chief Human Resources Officer for Bilzin Sumberg, has been recognized with South Florida Business & Wealth's (SFBW) 2019 Excellence in Human Resources Award for her outstanding work to nurture talent within the firm and to develop firm-wide human resources programs. Candidates...