What Makes a Good P3 Partnership? And is It Even Important?

Speaking Engagement
October 25, 2021
Eric Singer moderates a panel titled What Makes a Good P3 Partnership? And is It Even Important? at the 2021 P3 Higher Education Summit hosted by Access Intelligence. The panel, comprised of university and college P3 project leaders, discuss how much emphasis, if any, should be placed on the Partnership when reviewing RFQ/RFP submission from a P3 developer, especially in comparison to design and financials/deal economics.
Eric Singer
Blog December 26, 2023
Philanthropic organizations have started being recognized as a potential new arm to the traditional P3 delivery mechanism. They bring a number of unique benefits that add tremendous value to certain projects and communities.
Blog October 9, 2023
Fort Lauderdale has reached financial close this year on a new P3 project that is slated to bring a new water treatment plant online by 2026. An article published on Partnerships Bulletin highlighted the “can-do” approach by the private sector and the City in order to get this P3 project...
Development Conference May 7, 2024
Bilzin Sumberg’s Chief Executive Officer & Managing Partner Albert E. Dotson, Jr. sits down with Michael Simas, President of The Florida Council of 100, to explore the key challenges and opportunities facing the state, including education and workforce development, infrastructure planning,...