Bilzin Sumberg serves as a trusted advisor to public and private colleges and universities on a range of important matters covering both core institutional operations and unique current challenges. The various issues for which institutions of higher learning seek counsel from Bilzin Sumberg include guidance on fiduciary obligations related to endowed funds and affiliated foundations, the acquisition, disposal, and development of real estate, including public-private partnerships designed to monetize underutilized assets and modernize infrastructure, and the disposition of ownership interests in regional hospital portfolios. The firm has also undertaken various dispute-related matters on behalf of its clients related to Title IX issues, disputes with debtors, executive compensation, and other liability claims.

An area in which universities face increasing legal exposure (and a growing need to protect and enforce their rights) is data privacy and security, whether in the form of misappropriated research or other work product, or compromised personal data of students and staff. Bilzin Sumberg's attorneys have extensive experience advising clients on best practices for regulatory compliance, risk mitigation measures, investigation of breaches, and managing communications to affected parties, law enforcement, and authorities in multiple jurisdictions.  As higher education undergoes seismic shifts due to technological progress and steadily growing legal challenges, Bilzin Sumberg is uniquely placed to provide timely counsel to institutions so that they can continue to deliver the educational services at the core of their mission.

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