Bulk Buyers and Phantom Units - When the Solution Discovers Invisible Problems

University of Miami
Speaking Engagement
October 26 - 28, 2011
Martin A. Schwartz speaks at the "Bulk Buyers and Phantom Units - When the Solution Discovers Invisible Problems: Recent Statutory Amendments and Phantom Unit Issues," event hosted by the 36th Institute on Condominium & Cluster Developments presented by the University of Miami School of Law.
Press Release August 9, 2022
As Florida experiences a steady influx of residents, businesses, and investment, law firm Bilzin Sumberg is expanding its Real Estate practice to keep pace with demand for its services.
Client Alert June 3, 2022
On May 26, 2022— nearly a year after the partial collapse of Champlain Towers South, Florida enacted new legislation to address safety concerns for condominiums and cooperative buildings. While the legislation is geared at improving building safety, it will likely have the collateral effect of...
Blog December 7, 2021
With the advent of short-term rental solutions such as Sonder, Domio, Guild, and others, the private sector was significantly ahead of the curve in expanding upon housing typology. Their ultimate success was, however, limited in certain instances by municipal regulations that didn’t fully appr...