Public Private Partnerships - Funding Projects in Florida

American Society of Civil Engineers
Speaking Engagement
July 18, 2014
Albert E. Dotson Jr., speaks at the "Public Private Partnerships - Funding Projects in Florida," event hosted by the 2014 ASCE Florida Section Annual Conference in Miami Beach, FL.
Albert E. Dotson, Jr.
Chief Executive Officer & Managing Partner
New Miami Blog May 20, 2013
Earlier this month, the Florida legislature passed House Bill 85, which establishes statewide authorization and procedures for public-private partnerships.  The law, which will be encoded as Section 287.05712, Florida Statutes, authorizes counties, municipalities, school boards, and other political ...
Client Alert July 17, 2014
The City of Miami recently adopted a Public Private Partnership ordinance as an endorsement of the usage of public-private partnership as a procurement method for public projects in South Florida. The ordinance stresses the need for collaboration between private investors and the City to establish a...
Blog August 31, 2022
In recent years colleges and universities have been among the most successful users of the public-private partnership (“P3”) model. The uptick in higher education P3 utility projects comes as no surprise given the unique demands and features of most institutions, which often rely on gove...