An Interview with The Honorable Carlos Gimenez, Mayor of Miami-Dade

P3 Hub South Conference
Speaking Engagement
February 04, 2015
Albert E. Dotson, Jr., serves as Moderator & Interviewer, at "An Interview with The Honorable Carlos Gimenez, Mayor of Miami-Dade," hosted by the P3 Hub South Conference in Miami, FL.
Albert E. Dotson, Jr.
Managing Partner
Blog March 7, 2022
In recent years, public-private partnerships (P3’s) have been increasingly utilized by colleges and universities to serve a number of needs for these institutions. Read more to learn how P3 arrangements have helped institutions of higher learning better serve the needs of students and faculty.
Event September 14, 2021
Eric Singer moderated a panel discussion titled Mobility Recovery: Rethinking Mobility in a Post-COVID World as part of The P3 Conference.
Speaking Engagement April 22, 2021
Adrian K. Felix, as moderator, and Felix X.Rodriguez, as a panelist, participate in a discussion titled Public-Private Partnerships: Opportunities & Challenges for the Construction Industry as part of an American Bar Association Section of Litigation Construction Committee event.