Local Municipalities are Innovators for P3 Projects

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Speaking Engagement
October 17, 2017
Eric Singer is a panelist at the P3 Hub South Conference. He speaks about how cities and municipalities have, or are in the process of, successfully implementing P3 projects to overcome infrastructure needs. The discussion also examines critical trends in the marketplace and how the P3 model is changing and adapting to market conditions, among other topics.
Eric Singer
Blog July 18, 2023
Infratech, an amalgamation of “infrastructure” and “technology,” refers generally to the development and implementation of new technologies in infrastructure. Just as refrigerators and other household appliances have suddenly become “smart” over the past few years...
Blog June 21, 2023
In 2013, the Florida Legislature passed the Public-Private Partnerships ("P3") Act, currently codified as Section 255.065, Florida Statutes, authorizing the use of P3s in a broad range of infrastructure projects at the local and state level.As an important procurement vehicle for the delivery of P3 ...
Blog August 31, 2022
In recent years colleges and universities have been among the most successful users of the public-private partnership (“P3”) model. The uptick in higher education P3 utility projects comes as no surprise given the unique demands and features of most institutions, which often rely on gove...