P3 Smart Cities Roundtable

eMerge Americas
Speaking Engagement
April 23, 2018
Albert E. Dotson, Jr. moderates a P3 roundtable discussion focusing on opportunities for private innovation to advance public projects at eMerge Americas 2018.
Albert E. Dotson, Jr.
Chief Executive Officer & Managing Partner
Blog August 31, 2022
In recent years colleges and universities have been among the most successful users of the public-private partnership (“P3”) model. The uptick in higher education P3 utility projects comes as no surprise given the unique demands and features of most institutions, which often rely on gove...
Press Release August 9, 2022
As Florida experiences a steady influx of residents, businesses, and investment, law firm Bilzin Sumberg is expanding its Land Development & Government Relations practice to keep pace with demand for its services.
Blog March 7, 2022
In recent years, public-private partnerships (P3’s) have been increasingly utilized by colleges and universities to serve a number of needs for these institutions. Read more to learn how P3 arrangements have helped institutions of higher learning better serve the needs of students and faculty.