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Foreign Investment in U.S. Real Estate Following Tax Reform

STEP Miami

Speaking Engagement
April 19, 2018
Albert E. Dotson, Jr. speaks about the state of the Miami real estate market, trends, and the luxury residential market at STEP Miami's U.S. Tax Reform Series event.
Albert E. Dotson, Jr.

Albert E. Dotson, Jr.

Managing Partner
Tax and Wealth Services Report Blog September 2, 2020
This article briefly summarizes the attribution rules applicable to partnerships and corporations under Section 318 and provides some practical tips for dealing with the rules.
Publication January 29, 2020
Suzanne Amaducci-Adams authored the Miami Herald Business Monday article, "Opinion: Miami-area tourists will be the big winners during Super Bowl week", for Miami Herald.
#BilzinTaxandWealth November 7, 2019

Using real-life, pragmatic examples and their vast experience in trust and estate planning, Hal J. Webb, Jennifer Wioncek, and Paul D'Alessandro, Jr. provided a comprehensive look at U.S. federal tax and succession planning for non-U.S. persons investing in U.S....