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New Miami in the News: Weekly Recap

What do solar energy, venture capital, and Florida banksĀ have in common? They all made New Miami headlines this past week.

Solar energy positioned for a boom in Florida

The Herald reported that changes in solar business models, federal tax credits and plummeting equipment prices are opening a new market that may bring a sea of sun-absorbing solar panels to Florida.

Miami targets venture capital magnet

Miami Today reported that local venture capital firms, angel investors and academics are working to make Miami more of a venture capital center.

Miami Dade College seeks public-private partnership to develop medical campus site

MDC plans to develop a mixed-use project through a P3. Potential uses for the proposed medical campus expansion building and garage building include hotel, conference center, medical office building, residential building and retail component.

South Florida isn’t in Latin America — but it’s the best place for doing business there

The Beacon Council ranked Miami first for infrastructure, regional platform for global business, corporate executive safety and prestige, green standards and other categories, making it the best place to do business in Latin America.

Lending at Florida banks far outpaces nation, profits improve

Florida banks grew their loans by $2.6 billion, or 2.8% in the second quarter, compared to the national increase of just 1%. In the second quarter, Florida banks earned $296 million, up from $249 million in the first quarter.

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