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Webinar Addresses the CFPB’s Jurisdiction and Authority

Philip R. Stein

Since the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau began operating in July 2011, questions have been raised by numerous interested parties regarding the boundaries of the CFPB’s authority and its methods of enforcement of its objectives.

The CFPB is actively seeking to expand its jurisdictional reach.  Larger banks, residential mortgage lenders, credit bureau reporting agencies, student loan servicers and debt collectors are among the myriad types of companies already under the umbrella of the CFPB’s supervisory jurisdiction. Now the bureau has announced that it will assert regulatory enforcement authority over auto lending by non-banks.

I invite you to join me on Thursday, October 9, 2014 at 12:00pm EST for an in-depth webinar about the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and its current and potential impact on consumer finance companies and financial institutions. This webinar will focus on what financial service companies can do to prevent themselves from being a target of a CFPB investigation or enforcement action.  At the stated request of companies already registered for this program, the webinar will also include a discussion of the current state of mortgage buyback litigation throughout the country.

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