Litigation Regarding Breach of Fiduciary Duty of Developers' Legal Counsel

Regalia Beach Developers, LLC and Regalia OTM

Representation of Regalia Beach Developers and Regalia OTM, international developers of luxury condominiums, in a lawsuit against their former lawyer. As the developer's principal resides primarily outside of the U.S., our client looked to its South Florida lawyer for counsel. But in breach of his ethical and fiduciary duties, the developer's lawyer convinced the client to hire a company that the lawyer wholly owned to manage each of the projects while simultaneously continuing to represent the plaintiffs and the projects as their lawyer. Brought a lawsuit on behalf of our clients seeking to rescind the business transactions and recover the money damages suffered by them on account of the lawyer's wrongful conduct.

Handled the sale of over 2,000 REOs, with aggregate purchase prices in the billions of dollars, through both the negotiation and closing of individual sales and the structuring and sale by auction of multiple properties. The largest was approximately $216 million, which was the sale of a major hotel...
Analyzed cleanup strategies in order to resolve soil and contamination issues on homebuilder client’s property in Broward County, Florida. Negotiation with the Broward County Environmental Protection Division to obtain a restrictive covenant to allow for residential development on the property.
Representation of real estate investment company in connection with the environmental investigation and remediation plan for a five acre residential community and golf course. Successfully determined scope of assessment and provided recommendations for final remediation plan while representing clien...