Favorable Outcome for Major National Restaurant Chain in Class Action

National Restaurant Chain

Representation of major national restaurant chain in class action in both the District Court and the Eleventh Circuit in which the plaintiff complained on behalf of herself and other Floridians, that the restaurant chain falsely advertised that it had eliminated genetically modified ingredients (known as "GMOs") from its menu. The Eleventh Circuit issued a per curiam opinion affirming the District Court's entry of summary judgment in favor of the restaurant. The Eleventh Circuit denied rehearing.

Representation of a hygiene, health and nutrition brand makers of brain performance supplements in defense of a nationwide consumer class action alleging false advertising and label misrepresentation and seeking monetary damages and injunctive relief.
Representation of international confectioner Godiva Chocolatier in defense of a product labelling class action lawsuit, alleging that product labelling misled customers regarding the origin of ingredients.
Defense of an American grocery store chain in connection with a nationwide federal class action for violation of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (“FACTA”). Plaintiffs alleged the grocery store chain failed to comply with FACTA by printing more than the last 5 digits of consumer credit c...