Sean M. Gleason

Hablo Español
Area of Focus: CMBS, Real Estate

Sean’s former experience working for the United States Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) makes him an asset to the Firm’s Capital Markets Real Estate practice. While at the SEC he developed a nuanced understanding of the regulatory process governing commercial mortgage backed securities (CMBS), which enhances the firm’s ability to ensure compliance on behalf of clients.

While Sean has a wealth of experience representing owners, developers and financial institutions in various types of commercial real estate transactions, he also has experience handling corporate formations.

Q & A
How do you tackle clients’ issues?

I engage in every matter committed to furthering my clients’ respective interests.  Having previously worked within a litigation practice I instinctively approach each issue anticipating and addressing any possible future legal complications.   Being able to identify potential legal pitfalls before they come to fruition is invaluable.  I believe my clients appreciate my 360 degree view of the road ahead.

What excites you about the Miami real estate scene?
Most people automatically assume that New York is the hub of real estate deals in the United States. Thus, they underestimate Miami’s real estate scene. However, real estate here has consistently served as the nation’s ‘canary in a coal mine.’ Miami warned the country of the coming housing and credit crisis of 2007 but was also a strong contributor to the post-crisis recovery. This recovery is most evident when you see the degree to which Miami's skyline has grown as a result. These reasons make commercial real estate and financing in Miami particularly fascinating.
What is a professional achievement you are proud of?
I am very proud of my pro-bono work representing undocumented immigrants. For starters, it was an immense responsibility to have someone’s life in my hands. I approached each case humbly and with deep respect for the legal gravity associated with these types of cases. I love my work within the real estate industry. However, there is something eternally rewarding when my efforts led to the stabilization of a family. For instance, I was once able to help one of my clients stay in the country which allowed her to continue providing for her family . . . that was a priceless moment.
  • Fordham University, J.D., cum laude, 2015
    University of Kansas, B.A., Political Science, 2006
  • Florida
    New York
  • Spanish
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