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Repurchases & Indemnifications: Winning the Battle

Mortgage Bankers Association

Speaking Engagement
December 06, 2013
Although the GSEs are expected to complete their “Legacy Repurchases” by year end, it may take more time for these issues to work their way through to the independent mortgage banker. Moreover, the GSEs have altered their rep and warrant framework so that the majority of repurchase demands are now coming on current loans. Meanwhile, FHA continues to push out indemnification demands. This session will provide IMBs with an overview of the trends in repurchases and indemnifications, and offer practical recommendations on how to effectively manage these risks.
Philip R. Stein

Philip R. Stein

Partner, Litigation Practice Group Leader
Financial Services Watch Blog December 17, 2020
One would think that, as we approach 2021, litigation related to residential mortgage loans originated and sold well over a decade ago would be ancient history. Nevertheless, some suits filed years ago remain active, and, even more surprisingly (and disturbingly), new lawsuits related to loans sold ...