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Bilzin Sumberg’s Litigation Group has significant experience in all aspects of class action litigation, including multi-district proceedings. The team's substantive knowledge coupled with its familiarity with class action procedure allows our attorneys to handle a wide array of class actions, both on the plaintiff and defense side.

Our lawyers have represented clients in class actions involving a wide range of legal issues, including product labeling and false advertising, securities, antitrust, toxic torts, construction defects and product liability.

We have unique experience in the field of plaintiff opt-out class action litigation. Our attorneys counsel plaintiff clients from the onset of a class action, assisting them with weighing the benefits and costs of bringing their own claim or remaining part of the class. Rather than simply tracking the course set by the class, our attorneys prosecute our opt-out clients’ claims in accord with the unique circumstances of each client. Historically, this approach has enabled our attorneys to achieve significantly greater recoveries for our clients than the class and other opt-out plaintiffs.

Lastly, we have developed cutting-edge tools and practices to efficiently manage discovery and other costly litigation tasks to reduce costs for clients. By implementing an e-Discovery strategy pre-litigation, we are able to implement best practices for collecting, maintaining, preserving, and producing electronic information with minimal interruption to business activities. We also use our extensive experience to develop targeted plans for gathering electronic information from opposing parties, focusing on information that will be critical for trial rather than the “kitchen sink.”

Scott N. Wagner
Ilana Drescher
Michael A. Hanzman
Senior Counsel
Lori Lustrin
Philip R. Stein
Practice Group Leader, Litigation