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Business & Wealth Relocation to Florida

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Florida is experiencing new and unprecedented levels and patterns of migration. Some of this migration is concentrated in the state's primary markets. South Florida, for example, has been witnessing the steadily increasing expansion and relocation of companies from other parts of the country from sectors that have not historically been part of the local economic fabric, such as technology companies and hedge funds that rely on specialized workforce and metropolitan areas with high social capital.

Statewide, absence of state income and capital gains taxes, combined with a surging demand for Florida's quality of life in light of coronavirus-induced lock downs and forced closures in other parts of the country, has led to substantial wealth migration. New transplants are flowing into the metro Miami area, the Tampa Bay area, Palm Beach, and Orlando. Meanwhile major infrastructure investments, such as the Brightline high-speed passenger rail system, are connecting the most economically active parts of the state, accelerating the rapid development pushed by this migration.

Bilzin Sumberg is deeply familiar with the forces behind this new migration pattern, the business trends it is pushing, and what companies, institutions and individuals need to know from a business and legal perspective on how to navigate and thrive in Florida's rapidly changing cauldron of opportunities.

Relocation Resources

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Miami-Dade County Relocation Resources

Miami-Dade Beacon Council: Locating & Expanding Companies
Access tools, resources, and helpful information for businesses expanding or relocating in Miami-Dade County

Miami-Dade Beacon Council: Lifestyle
Comprehensive list of information on day-to-day living in Miami-Dade County

Miami-Dade Beacon Council: Cities
Descriptions of the municipalities that make up Miami-Dade County, each with their own unique characteristics

Miami-Dade Beacon Council: Neighborhoods
Brief overview of the neighborhoods that make up the metro Miami area

Miami Downtown Development Authority: Corporate Relocation Resources in Downtown Miami
Expert assistance in advising businesses and organizations on options for opening shop in Miami's Downtown neighborhood, in addition to small business assistance, grants and incentives

Miami-Dade County Public Transportation and Transit Tracker
Listing of public transit services in Miami-Dade County

Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce: Senior Executive Orientation
Education and orientation on the metro Miami area to facilitate the transition for newly arrived senior executives

Miami-Dade Schools Interactive Map
Find nearby county schools using your home address

Broward County Relocation Resources

Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance: Business Assistance
Financial, informational, and regulatory assistance for business relocation, retention and expansion in Broward County

Palm Beach County Relocation Resources

Palm Beach Relocation Guide
Comprehensive resource on lifestyle, schools, business assistance, and jobs in Palm Beach County

Palm Beach County Education Guide
Ready access to top-line data about Palm Beach County's educational resources along with a portal to the websites of individual schools for more in-depth information

Palm Beach County Business Development Board
Palm Beach County's Business Development Board offering resources for local business expansion and relocations

Additional Resources

Business Florida
Learn about the unique advantages and resources that each region of Florida has to offer businesses

Enterprise Florida
Comprehensive list of resources for businesses looking to expand or relocate to Florida along with information on Florida's financial, regulatory, and workforce advantages for companies

Florida Private Schools Directory
Directory of private schools across the state of Florida offered by the Florida Department of Education

South Florida Business Journal: The List
South Florida economic and business-related rankings offered by the South Florida Business Journal

Five Tips for Businesses and Individuals Looking to Relocate to Tax-Friendly States

As published in Bloomberg Tax

February 8, 2021

By: Anthony De Yurre

Over the last decade, there has been a gradual increase in the number of residents and businesses emigrating to tax-advantaged states such as Florida, Arizona, Texas, and Nevada, from tax-burdened markets including New York, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, and California. The Covid-19 health crisis has accelerated the trend, as businesses embrace remote work and individuals opt to live in places with a lower cost of living.

And while the promise of lower taxes and improved quality of life are enticing, there are several variables that individuals and businesses must consider when contemplating a relocation or expansion. For an overview of the factors that should be weighed prior to making a move, click below to learn more.

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Exciting Developments in Uncertain Times: What's in Store for Real Estate in South Florida

On February 2nd, Nitin Motwani, Managing Principal of Miami Worldcenter, and Anthony De Yurre, Partner in Bilzin Sumberg’s Land Development and Government Relations Group, discussed the movement of money and migration as it relates to real estate investment and development in the region during a virtual talk hosted by Bilzin Sumberg.

Mr. Motwani pointed out that despite all of the doomsday prophecies that circulated at the beginning of the pandemic during the spring of 2020, the real estate market in South Florida overall performed remarkably well compared to other major metropolitan areas.

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