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Less Lawyer Management, More Business Execution

Bilzin Florida TurnKey

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Over the last 25 years Bilzin Sumberg has conducted hundreds of development client interviews,always asking what we can do to help their pipeline and returns grow.   

The common mandate: learn our business and help us spend less resources managing the varied legal disciplines required to develop real estate, so we can spend more time executing and scaling the business.  This mandate is at the core of “Bilzin TurnKey”… our ambition to build client specific cross-disciplinary teams with both the legal and collaborative experience to turnkey development projects from concept to cash flow (and everything in between).  

To accomplish turnkey development efficiently requires more than general real estate skill.  It requires years of successful collaboration between diverse disciplines of law, including environmental, construction financing, land use and zoning, joint venture agreements, and construction agreements, just to name a few.  

In the end, our goal is to deliver accelerated time to market, improved cost efficiency and elevated service, so clients can spend more time executing their projects and scaling their pipeline.

See how we can put Bilzin TurnKey to work for you:

TurnKey Now

A circular diagram featuring various sectors of real estate development including purchases and sales, zoning, asset management, and more, centered around a keyhole-shaped icon of Florida. 

Meet the Team