Bilzin Sumberg serves as a trusted advisor to non-profit organizations that span the gamut of industries including education, healthcare, housing, and social services, together with religious organizations and cultural institutions. Bilzin Sumberg’s attorneys have a unique understanding of what makes non-profit businesses different than their for-profit counterparts. Our business and legal strategy and planning is anchored by our extensive experience leading and counseling non-profits. We are knowledgeable about the challenges and opportunities not-for-profits face in operating businesses to create financial margins that can be reinvested in the organization’s mission. In addition, our attorneys serve on the boards of countless non-profit organizations of all sizes, local and national.

Our representation spans the non-profit life cycle, from formation and organization to real estate acquisition and development, leasing, contractual negotiations, corporate governance, tax, procurement-related matters, and dispute resolution.

Common areas of counsel include:

Formation documents, bylaws, employment agreements, joint venture arrangements, and other corporate governance issues, such as conflict of interest policies and written consents for managing the business

Negotiation and drafting of grant and donor agreements

Franchising, licensing, management agreements, and vendor and distribution agreements

Real estate acquisitions and dispositions

Real estate finance: acquisition, construction, mezzanine, and grants and loans issued by federal, state, and local governmental authorities

Affordable and workforce housing financing, including low-income housing tax credits and tax-exempt bonds

Commercial leasing

Land use, permitting, and zoning approvals for new developments and redevelopments

Review of design and construction documents for the expansion/renovation of facilities

Environmental investigation, remediation, and regulatory permitting counseling in connection with real estate acquisitions and development

Procurement and negotiation of government contracts and advising on public-private partnership arrangements, including complex transactions involving ground leases

Dispute resolution counseling, including breach of contract claims

Albert E. Dotson, Jr.
Chief Executive Officer & Managing Partner
Brittany Chung
Misbah Farid
Alexandra Haller
Terry M. Lovell
Partner, Head of Affordable Housing and Tax Credit Practice
Eileen Ball Mehta
Of Counsel